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Four Things You May Not Know About Corporate Banner Stands

When it comes to gathering the best tools to help exact maximum return on investment and results at trade show events, banner stands often get overlooked. Many business owners assume that these portable signs simply can’t help them successfully convey their marketing missives to the masses in a meaningful way. As a result, these entrepreneurs look for other (often more expensive) resources to use during the live marketing event season to help further their brand’s exposure within their given consumer demographic.

Banner Stands Offer Extensive Features And Benefits

Are you guilty of overlooking banner stands as part of your trade show arsenal? If so read on; understanding four potentially surprising facts about banner stands just may change your mind before the next big event.

Professional banner stands offer businesses in every industry:

Optimal Customization: Yes, really. All too often, business owners assume that opting for banner stands means settling for limited customization options. This is simply not true. A reputable design staff will be able to create a one of a kind sign that not only touts your specific brand identification color and marketing messages, but also comes in a style, shape and overall final format that truly resonates with your company’s own personal vibe.

Extreme Affordability: Sure, personalized professional signs can come in limitless looks and styles; however, many business owners who look into using banners stands are surprised to find out just how affordable these marketing solutions are. Using business signage at the next live marketing event means you’ll not only get a sign customized to your specific preferences, you’ll also be able to get one at price points that won’t break your budget.

Stand Alone Impact: While corporate executive may recognize that banner stands make a perfect accompaniment to their full-sized trade show exhibits and displays, many are surprised to find out that today’s modern signs have enough marketing clout to deliver stand-alone audience impact. Accessorizing your sign with a podium and a few chairs could be all it takes to deliver optimal visual impact that rivals even the most elaborate large display. Floor standing signs

Limitless Uses: Finally, many business owners are surprised to learn that corporate signs have a list of uses that extend far beyond the showroom floor. After the trade show season dies down you’ll have ample opportunity to use your sign at recruiting functions, college fairs, and even community events that your company is supporting or participating in. You can display your signs throughout your office as well. Lobbies, conference rooms and hallways make ideal locations to grab the attention of visiting guests and highlight some of your organization’s most impressive marketing points.

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