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Jobs That Require No High School Diploma – Hard Work is Not Overrated

There are few descent jobs that require no high school diploma. What employers don’t realize is that, your education is not the most important part of a good employee. Work ethic is by far the most crucial part of a quality employee, although training is important, even a monkey can be trained. Anyone with a memory can receive training, but only a select few can put that training to use. That’s why I got into something called Ezine Publishing.

I consider my self a fairly smart guy, visit  but I don’t have a diploma or a college education. That didn’t stop me from creating my own success by working for my self, online, by writing EzineArticles. I’m a highly respected member of the Ezine community and I didn’t make it pass 10th grade. I average about 16k$/month in sales earnings. Just about anyone who has a solid work ethic can do this as well. It’s just about writing, and not writing with good English skills. It’s about writing with a passion, meaning what you say, writing with your heart. Using top notch grammar and mechanics skills isn’t what is important, that doesn’t sell, it’s writing with a passion is what matters.

So basically, you write EzineArticles about products and services that you use or enjoy, and each one generates about 15 – 30$ every month. It only takes 20 – 30 minutes to write a quick article, and they will continue to generate revenue many months after they are published. This is the premier job for those who don’t have a high school diploma. It only requires someone who is honest with a solid work ethic.


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